Alba Airbag Sewing MachineYour safety is a big priority for Alba Automotive. This means that we perform our work meticulously and that all of our products and processes comply with strict environmental and safety requirements.

Safety airbag operation

Prominent agencies such as the TüV and UTAC check our interiors for proper functioning. All of these tests are given a certificate which we will be glad to show you at any time. This provides you with a guarantee of safety. We are only allowed to apply the airbag logo in your leather car interior if the airbag work 100% without errors. We have our own Youtube account where you can watch videos of how our products work.

Safe interior

Do you have questions about our safety? Then please contact us. We will tell you what you want to know. Alba Automotive has been a recognised specialist for more than 20 years. We work safely as well as transparently. An interior done by us is not only beautiful but safe.